Apollo 12

Phoenix, AZ

A founding troupe of The Torch Theatre, Apollo 12 attempts to play to the top of their game as well as the audiences' intelligence. Delving deep into literature, mythology and pop culture, Apollo 12 builds up ideas intellectually and then gleefully rips down those ideas bit by bit with a ruthless sense of playfulness.

Around the House

Phoenix, AZ

Formed when the world was learning to perform online, Around the House embraced this new style of play and learned to treat our webcams as our own personal television cameras. Come visit our house.


Portland, OR

Betse Green and Bill Cernansky have been married since 1989. They like to explore their relationship with the audience telling true tales from their marriage that inspire some made-up relationships for you. They share everything. Even each other's characters.

The Buttonwood Ensemble

Middletown, CT

The Buttonwood Ensemble has been established since June 2021. We are independent explorers of the art of doing improv.

Charmers Duo

San Francisco, CA

Charmers Duo performs a grounded monoscene that highlights the everyday quirks of ourselves and people as a whole. We don't force, but find, the funny and the connection between each other and the audience.

Epcot Fitzgerald


Friends from around the country perform together online.

The Festival Ensemble

Middletown, CT

Top performers

Heather Marie Vitale (Washington, DC), Laura Zaro (Hayward, CA), Geoff Taylor (Baltimore, MD), Gillman Brenum (Oakland, CA), Sandy Handley (San Francisco, CA), Jess Kent (Omaha, NE) and Josh Jenkins (Henderson, NV) come together for a special festival performance under the direction of Tezz Yancey.


Phoenix, AZ

Having performed countless forms and styles of shows across North America since 2003, Galapagos's performances are now liquid metal shaped by the suggestion and the group mind. One of the founding groups of The Torch Theatre in Phoenix, they place full commitment, exploring the absurd as a team, and having a blast above all, especially when it involves hijinks like mixing lofty artistic ideals with shameless pop culture tropes. Galapagos is Bill Binder, Jose Gonzalez, and Jon Jarhmarkt, and they love you.

Get a Room

San Francisco, CA

We are a Troupe of Vintage Women "Get a Room" who play objects we gift each other from a room shown at the beginning of our set..We make these objects have strong, opinionated POVs and often run themes thru our shows that affect us as older women navigating our journey thru lives, well lived. !!

Gob's Improv Emporium


We are Gob's Improv Emporium! We are a VR improv group that runs weekly improv workshops and hosts regular live improv shows. Our members include people from literally all over the world. We act as a central hub for fans of long-form and short-form improv that want to create, innovate, and have fun together in VR! We look forward to entertaining you!

Horrible People

San Francisco/Oakland, CA

Diana and Erin present a mono-scene inspired by the audience in which one bad day turns two otherwise upstanding citizens into horrible people!

I'm With Her

Phoenix, AZ

One evening, when Bill Binder's scene partner for a competitive show wasn't available, he asked fellow Torch performer Merrie Greenfield to sit in for the night. It was the night of the 2017 presidential inauguration, playing in a part of town representing a fair number of red hat sales during 2016. So the pair opted for a somewhat antagonistic team name.

Improv All-Stars

Oakland, CA

The Improv All-Stars are a collection of performers spread around the country who began performing together online in April of 2020. We perform and study at a variety of theaters including EndGames Improv, Florida Studio Theatre, ImprovBoston, Leela Improv Theatre and All Out Comedy Theater. We love comedy!

Leaves of Three

San Francisco/Los Angeles, CA

Michael J. Astrauskas, Geraldine Carolan, and Alex Lee all started improvising in the San Francisco Bay Area with Endgames and Leela, and became friends at Camp Improv Utopia. They take photographs together, they eat cottage pie together, and they improvise together based on their strong relationship.

Morning Soap Improv


Morning Soap Improv is a troupe based in virtual reality platform, VRChat. Morning Soap is a parody show of morning talk shows such as The View and Good Morning America with inspiration from comedy shows such as Scott Aukerman’s Comedy Bang Bang and The Onion’s today NOW which focus on long form improv and character work.



Nexus is both a virtual club that exists in the social VR platform VRChat and the improv troupe that brings its characters to life. Club Nexus is an immersive/social VR show that puts the audience in the role of Earthlings who have gotten the opportunity to be the first of their species to join the hottest night club in the known universe.


Cincinnati, OH

OozeBear is a free audio-only improv platform where anyone can practice, teach, perform, and share audio improv online together.

Orange Bucket Acting Troupe


OBAT Improv is an age 13+ group that does workshops and shows in Rec Room. We do short form Improv in the style of "Who's Line is it Anyways". OBAT also does plays and skits in VR.

The Professionals

San Francisco, CA

The Professionals are an improv comedy troupe who perform a “docu-reality” parody that delves into the lives of characters with the hobby or pastime of the audience’s choosing. Created in 2016 and directed by Diana Brown, they developed their unique style as part of Leela's P.I.E. program before becoming an independent troupe in 2020.

Together/By Myself

Coconut Creek, FL

Together/By Myself is a solo improv show starring improv actor LD Madera. The show consists of characters that are all created by LD and engage in various scenes and monologues. Everything in the show is completely improvised on the spot, and inspired by one simple question: What's important to you?

Twisted Flicks

Seattle, WA

Twisted Flicks is a monthly improvisational comedy show that makes fun old "B" movies HILARIOUS by combining the film with improv, music and more! The talented Twisted Flick crew of improvisers use suggestions to improvise a brand new soundtrack to a great old movie!

Unicorn Kingdom


Unicorn Kingdom creates realistic, relatable characters and then puts them in odd worlds with odd characters, to play with what we expect versus what we imagine. Unicorn Kingdom formed in 2020 as a house team of InterCity to allow InterCity community performers from around the world to perform together in more than just a jam, and play in events in other improv communities.