A few notes for our national and international viewers

All times are Arizona Time. Arizona is Mountain Standard Time. It doesn't observe daylight savings. If you're viewing from the US, we're three hours behind East Coast, and the same time as West Coast during the summer months.

Friday and Saturday evening performances are live performances. They will be rebroadcast the following morning for European viewers. Purchasing a ticket for an evening performance automatically gives you access to the following morning's performance.

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Friday June 24th, 2022
6:00pm (9:00pm EDT)
Atari Stage
Horrible people
Epcot Fitzgerald
The Buttonwood Ensemble
Improv All-Stars
Get a Room
Around the House
Twisted Flicks
Betamax Stage
OozeBear (Audio Performance)
Together / By Myself
Morning Soap Improv (VR)
Nexus (VR)

Saturday June 25th, 2022
6:00pm (9:00pm EDT)
Atari Stage
Unicorn Kingdom
The Professionals
Apollo 12
Charmers duo
The Festival Ensemble
I'm With Her
Leaves of Three
Commodore 64 Stage
Orange Bucket Acting Troupe (VR)
Gob's Improv Emporium

How to Watch
All performances will be online and viewable within the festival's Digital Venue. Anyone wishing to participate in the digital venue will be given an alternate link to watch performances in a web browser. Evening shows will be re-run the following morning for European and East Coast viewers at the alternate link. All Virtual Reality shows will be viewable from a computer or mobile device with no additional VR hardware. some performances may add additional viewing options for viewers who choose to watch with headsets.

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